Project in Support or Completed

Marginalia digitisation of Nicholas O’Donnell manuscripts (Arts, Dr Julia Kuehns, Meredith McCullough)

The project used the University Digitisation Centre to image Nicholas O’Donnell manuscripts, then organised the records as an online collection using the Omeka platform. This also trialled the use of the Scripto Omeka tool to crowd-source transcription.

Making Futures project (MGSE, Prof. Julie McLeod)

Making Futures is a qualitative study of young people’s journeys involving Australian youth in the final three years of high school, based in three different Melbourne communities. The project recorded and analysed data, diseminated data interactively online, and also ensured that data from the project would be re-use by researchers of the future. SCIP aided in the choice and establishment of the technology platform, and the interactive visualisation of the data.

John Hattie & Michael Scriven publication collection (MGSE, Prof. John Hattie)

SCIP is providing technical and architectural support to the digitisation of a significant collection of academics publications to be made available via an online repository.

Hearing Histories (Arts & VCA, Dr Nick Thieberger, Dr Sally Treloyn)

Linguistics together with the VCA are embarking on a long term collaborative project called Hearing Histories which is utilising a Mukurtu, an open source platform built with indigenous communities to manage and share digital cultural heritage.