Platform Development Activities

Omeka -  Melbourne now hosts a managed Omeka service. Omeka is an easy to use web publishing platform increasingly used in the humanities to organise and share of rich collections of digital or digitised content, and to create exhibitions or complex narratives around the collection. SCIP and Research Platform Services are working on early uptake of this platform and are also developing integration with the national HuNI platform (Humanities Networked Infrastructure).

Mediaflux -  Melbourne manages an enterprise-class digital assets management system (Mediaflux) to support larger scale research data management activities. SCIP and Research Platforms are supporting a number of research projects in structuring longitudinal, large-scale, collaborative, data and media archives using this system. Research Platform Services are partnering with VCA to build a web-based media sharing platform built on Mediaflux.

Cultural Mapping -  SCIP has begun prototyping a visualisation capability that will allow the combining of structured cultural data, together with spreadsheet contributed information, in a tool-rich environment where researchers can explore, analyse, visualise and eventually publish their data. The development is initially addressing two research projects involving art collections, historical maps, and digitised historical records.

Digitisation Pipeline -  Resulting from a 2016 call for digitisation research projects, the SCIP team and partners such as the University Digitisation Centre are working to improve connections between existing services and infrastructure that can support research projects needing digitisation.

Advanced Data & Analysis Platform -  By working with two researchers on leading web-based information scaping and natural language processing techniques, SCIP is building a large production trial of a big-data analysis systems. The system will initially be used for online journalism research, and will be built on the national Nectar research cloud using a collaborative interface to one of the leading open-source big-data platforms, Spark.

SCIP “Data in the Field” lab -  Currently in planning, this lab will trial digital data capture tools and configurations, and deliver advice and training to UOM researchers on digital collection methods to support their field research. The lab will run for a limited period and will be located within the Arts Digital Studio.