Create An Animated Gif

How To Gif a Lexicon Term in 6 Easy Steps

We're going to use two software tools to create an animated gif: Microsoft Powerpoint for the Mac and PicGif Light.

Microsoft Powerpoint will let you change the wording any way you need. The powerpoint template file includes a background video overlaid with some animated text, this text can be edited, reformatted and even re-animated as you wish. When you're happy with the slideshow, you'll export it as a video file.

PicGIF Lite is one of many applications and services that will convert a video into an animateded gif. You'll load your video file and save it as an animated gif.

These steps assume you have powerpoint and PicGIF installed on your computer.


Step1: Get your hands on the starter powerpoint slide

  • Choose from one of the downloadable files at the bottom of this page

Step2: Edit and reformat the text as you wish

  • Select the text from your chapter document
  • Choose copy to clipboard
  • (In powerpoint) select the text and find the edit menu and choose 'Paste and match formatting'
  • Find the slideshow menu and choose 'Play from start'
  • When you're happy with how it looks, save your new powerpoint version

Step3: Export the animation as a video file

Screenshot of export as movie

  • Find the file menu and choose 'Export'
  • Change the format to 'MOV' and change the time to 15 seconds
  • Now you're ready to convert this video into an animated gif

PicGif Lite

Step4: Load your video file

Screenshot of load file

  • Drag and drop your video file into PicGIF Lite
  • Click on the 'load' button on the bottom right
  • Set the frame delay to 225ms on middle right

Step5: Create animated gif

  • Click on the 'Create Gif' button on the top right

Step6: Share your work

  • Revel in the glorious giffiness of your animation
  • Post it to your favourite social media channel and share this important research

Additional files

Australian Lexicon

  1. Powerpoint Template
  2. Yellow wattle video file ... not needed for these steps but available just in case
  3. Long/Portrait format Powerpoint Template

Finnish Lexicon

  1. Powerpoint Template
  2. Green snowberry video file... not needed for these steps but available just in case

Japanese Lexicon

  1. Powerpoint Template
  2. Pink cherry blossom video file... not needed for these steps but available just in case