About SCIP

The SCIP platform provides a wide range of data and research methodology support for humanities and social science researchers at The Digital Studio of The University of Melbourne

SCIP's business model is to provide up to ten hours of support and advice per year to a particular researcher, but to partner in funding applications to bring revenue back to SCIP for more detailed projects. Because of the number of projects we are involved with, any additional capacity needed has to be funded externally.

SCIP forms part of the Melbourne Collaborative Research Infrastructure Program (MCRIP). The SCIP Goverence group includes researchers, academics and professional staff from across the university.

We have expertise in the following:


Research Methodology

  • Survey and quantitative methods
  • Computational social science methods
  • Digital humanities methods
  • Mixed methods

Data Analysis

  • Data management and storage
  • Data wrangling
  • Data visualization (e.g., interactive mapping, geocoding, animations, VR)
  • Statistical modelling
  • Text mining (e.g., semantic analysis and topic modeling)
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Webscraping and digital data extraction methods including social media and APIs
  • Static and temporal social network analysis
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Computational linguistics and natural language processing


  • Grant planning and support
  • Consultations and face-to-face support
  • Training workshops on statistical tools and methodology
  • Collaborations with platforms and services across the university

Software Support

  • R
  • Python
  • Stata
  • Tableau
  • NVivo
  • Latex
  • Omeka
  • Orange3

SCIP Pricing Structure

Activity Type / Description Pricing
Expert Informatics support
Single consultation session; Up to 1-day support for approved projects.
Prioritised Un-Funded Projects
SCIP supports unfunded projects that develop the digital HASS capability and align with the University's digital research priorities. Supported schemes will be considered by the SCIP Governance which includes faculty internal grants, near-miss funding, articulated seed grant schemes, phased grant schemes with seed/planning/development phases.
Funded Projects
SCIP provides dedicated informatics support on research projects that are funded or have available funds. Any budget reductions of successful grants can be adjusted to meet any budgeted SCIP costs.
Daily rate at A7 level
External Projects (contract rates)
External projects are those where SCIP is contracted by an organisation external to the University, such as national HASS infrastructure projects. (Collaborative projects with internal CIs and external partners are ordinarily not considered external projects.)
Specific to project scope.

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