From inception of your research project to completion and beyond, the SCIP can help you comply with funding requirements and make the most out of your valuable research data.

ARC Grant application support

Get personalised advice for completing the "Management of Data" section of your next ARC application. The SCIP experts will support you in meeting and budgeting for the ARC expectations for research data management.

Data Management Planning

Make the most out of your valuable research materials by planning for its management and long-term archiving. We will guide you in completing a data management plan for your project and support you in putting your plan into effect.

Data Repository services

Store and organise your digital research data so that they remain safe, shareable and citable. We can help you understand the benefits of using a repository for your data, how to submit and document your data, as well as ways to report on impact from citation and re-use of your published research data.

Data Storage advice

Identify the best options for storing your digital research data using infrastructure available at the University of Melbourne. We will explain the technical jargon, record your requirements and provide you with alternatives to better suit your needs.